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Your business success is just a Sweep Away!

Janitorial services relate to commercial property cleaning, including professional offices, educational, medical and industrial business cleaning. Some commercial janitorial services can include maintenance or property management services. Those who perform the work are referred to as custodians, janitors or cleaners.

The job of inspecting a building for cleanliness is very important. It can make the difference in keeping or losing an account.

Through professional cleaning services, you can guarantee that the job is done without taking tons of time since cleaners are highly qualified and trained in doing their work. Janitorial services are the only thing you need to keep the environment clean, safe, organized, and extremely hygienic. With this, your workplace or business becomes friendly and welcoming. In addition to that, a neat and clean environment will encourage the employees or workers and can attract clients or customers at the same time. You may also enhance the reputation of your business once you impress the customers and clients.


You get to set the frequency of cleaning services. If you have visitors and guests coming and going all day, you may want to have commercial cleaning services on-site a couple of times a week to keep it tidy. If your business does not have many visitors, you may be able to get by with weekly or bi-weekly services.


Commercial janitorial services are important because they know about cleaning needs that most people are not aware of. Having an initial assessment of your business can help determine the cleaning needs that you may not have considered. For example, they may be able to point out areas that need additional cleaning, such as around plants or lobbies. They will be able to spot things that you and your staff are less likely to notice, but that visitors do. Their expert assessment can improve the way people view your business.

In Galaviz Cleaning services, we are prepared for your type of building, we will do a customized work task for your kind of business and needs, we have experience in serving:

  • Airports     

  • Auto Dealers 

  • Bowling Alleys

  • Country Clubs 

  • Day Cares 

  • Groceries stores 

  • Hair Salon 

  • Health Clubs 

  • Hotel Commons 

  • ​Libraries

  • Malls

  • Movie Theaters

  • Night Clubs 

  • Public Areas 

  • Radio Stations 

  • Schools

  • TV Stations 

And much more!

You won't be disappointed, we use the latest programs to have the best performance and faster cleaning and great quality all customized for your business. Book an online appointment or at (575) 448-1130.

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