Fabian Galaviz


We are a small independently owned business located in the wonderful city of Las Cruces, NM. My name is Fabian Galaviz, CEO and founder of Galaviz Cleaning Services, a branch of Galaviz Enterprises, LLC. As a young child, I grew up surrounded by poverty and inequality. I soon realized that in order to break those binding chains, I was to become a successful businessman.

A few years after graduating High School, I began cleaning yards, floors, carpets, auto detailing and other areas of the like. I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed every bit of it. The experience was exactly what I needed to grow mentally and develop into someone with patience and understanding for others. I have always had a strong passion for hard work and manifesting my purpose in life. At the time however, I wasn’t ready to commit, then with all the Glory of God, my eyes were wide-opened. He guided me to follow a path leading me to my destiny.

I was 25 years young, an aspiring entrepreneur on a journey to fulfill my ambition of owning, not one, but multiple companies in my local area. Thanks to the help of my mom and sister, a vision of opportunity led me to start-up business in the cleaning industry. They loved to keep things nice and tidy around the house, always finished with high quality work. Now, Galaviz Enterprises, LLC has launched a department in Residential & Commercial Cleaning, including Janitorial Services. With time, we will continue to grow and expand our line of work, promoting new services for all clients.