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Taking the dust out your shoulders!

Don't have time to thoroughly clean your home? Between work and your daily chores, you have few free moments.

If you clean regularly and effectively, your house will always look as good as new.

If you’re working outside the house more than 40 hours per week, it might seem impossible to squeeze time for taking care of your home as well. Contacting a professional is going to get you able to have those extra hours back on saturdays and sundays and enjoy with your family, go out with your friends, read book or just having that free time that you deserve.

In Galaviz Cleaning services has your back, all you need is to decide whether you need the cleaning crew to come out on a weekly, biweekly or monthly service call.

Weekly Home cleaning

Having a weekly cleaning crew come out to your house would also be a beneficial if you’re the type of person who collects or hoards items, in which the cleaning crew could help organize these items and perhaps help throwing some of them away.

Biweekly Home Cleaning

A biweekly cleaning of a person’s home consists of the cleaning crew coming out every other week or sometimes twice a month to do a deeper type of cleaning than the weekly cleaning because houses tend to get dirtier if not cleaned every week.

Monthly Home Cleaning

Monthly cleaning is when the cleaning crew comes out once a month and thoroughly cleans a home which may take a little bit longer then a twice a month cleaning because things like dirt have built up and extra time will be needed to make sure the houses extremely clean; enough to last until the next cleaning the following month.

Our cleaning services include:

  • Dust and remove cobwebs from ceiling vents, fans, air returns, walls and baseboards using extension duster

  • Dust window sills, ledges, blinds and wall hangings

  • Dust furniture thoroughly including tops, sides, legs and bases

  • Wipe clean mirrors, horizontal surfaces and light switch covers

  • Wipe clean surfaces such as tables and cabinet doors

  • Load dishwasher

  • Scour and wipe clean sinks paying particular attention close to faucet

  • Clean phone, light switch covers and window above sink

  • Wipe clean and dry exterior of large & small appliances; microwave inside & out

  • Vacuum upholstered furniture including pillows and cushions

  • Vacuum carpeted floors using edge attachments when necessary

  • Vacuum hard floors using appropriate attachment or canister vacuum extension with soft brush tool

  • Clean kitchen hard floor or wood floor: use slightly dampened microfiber pad, dry

  • Pick up and arrange items neatly

  • Gather and remove trash

  • Clean tops sides and bases of appliances; washer and dryer - Laundry only

  • Change linens, if available, make beds (must leave a note)

  • Clean tub and shower using cleaner and scrub brush to remove soap buildup, including on doors and in tracks.

  • Disinfectant and wipe clean toilet, sinks and faucets

  • After cleaning, rinse and dry tubs, showers, toilets and sinks

  • Polish all chrome surfaces such as faucets with clean, dry cloth

  • Clean and disinfect bathroom hard floor.

Galaviz Cleaning Services, train their employees to consistently deliver excellent results. That means that they will focus on all of the details, taking extra time to thoroughly clean your home. You can trust that every edge and corner be clean by the time they are done.

Book an online appointment or at (575) 448-1130.

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