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Benefits of being a G Member  

  • Loyalty Rate

  • Get up to 20% OFF

  • Preferred scheduling

  • Schedule any hour

  • Automatic bill pay   

  • Get additional discounts in other services

  • Key management

  • Get extra bonus work!

  • and much more...

  • Great for recurring cleaning !

What's a "G" membership?
Great question, this membership has been made for anyone who requires regular cleaning. This could be once or twice a week or as needed throughout the month. This membership will give you the benefit of choosing your own cleaning day and time with hours ranging from 8-18 hours a month (depending your needs), 
as well as giving you priority.

Become a Member Today And Save Up To 20%OFF   


Before choosing your membership, please keep in mind that the average cleaning time for the crew to perform the best quality of work is two (2) hours for every 1000 square footage.

Choose your membership by your home squre foot

We will mesure your home to make sure you have choose the best fit for the size of your home to make any recommendation that way we make sure you are getting the best quality of work and performance.

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